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Saturday, 18 February 2012

How To Choose A Niche For Your Blog Or Website

Creating a profitable blog takes passion and drive for the topics you plan to cover. The pitfall many bloggers fall to is creating a blog without a specific topic or goal in mind –you need a niche.

Choosing a niche topic of your blog can be mind rattling due to the investment you must commit to lead your blog to success. Choosing the wrong blog niche can turn into a major hassle but landing the right one could be what leads you to success.

In this post, I’ll cover how you can easily choose a blog niche topic, determine if it’s profitable and share an over the shoulder guide to do so.

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What Is A Niche?

A niche, in short, is a highly focused interest within a larger market you or others enjoy. Think of niche as a hobby; something you spend great deals of time to learn and explore.

A simple example of a niche would be ‘freelance web writing’ or a ‘make money online blog’. Instead of focusing on a broad topic such as ‘writing’ or ‘money’, people drill down to the inner culture and topic within each interest.

What Is Niche Blogging?

Before niche blogging, people would meet to share their knowledge within a particular interest with group meet ups and other forms of socialization; blogging has simply allowed those people to share their knowledge online.

When a blog becomes too broad (much like business) it’s difficult for the blog owner to cover each topic equally and with the same passion and knowledge. This is why many opt to dedicate their blog to a niche topic; so they don’t burn out trying to do everything at once.

I believe the reason why most bloggers choose to niche blog is to focus their content, find others that enjoy the same interests and leave the opportunity to make a profitable blog.

5 Considerations For Choosing A Niche Blog Topic

Now I’d like to share with you some of the ways you can brainstorm a niche blog topic. These are predominantly based on my own methods; you may have methods of your own which work best for you.

What Are You Passionate About? The first step in choosing a blog niche topic is to ask yourself what you’re passionate about. Think down the road, do you want to be regularly writing and committing yourself to a subject you don’t truly have an interest for? Try to base your decision on what you already love; this eliminates the chances you’ll grow bored with your niche topic. Do You Have The Knowledge? To blindly jump into a blog when you havelittleornoknowledge will show to your readers and yourself as you have trouble trying to think of new blog posts and your expertise on the topic. Yes, always keep learning as you go but having a solid foundation before you start will help accelerate your blog as you are just beginning. Are There People Interested In It? Just because you enjoy a niche topic doesn’t necessarily mean others do. Sure there are plenty of people that you can network with thanks to the internet but also consider if your niche topic is one that is actively discussed. I’ve tried a few niche subjects which were dear to me but the community simply wasn’t there and eventually lead to a slow death. To do a quick assessment, check if there are already forums, print and other media that covers your niche topics –if there are, you could be onto something. What Can You Bring To The Table? There’s a possibility there are already thousands of other blogs dedicated to your niche; what can you bring to the niche which others haven’t? You could know more than others, share your knowledge from a unique angle or have the connections to give readers inside information not available anywhere else. Ask yourself if what you plan to blog about will be remarkable. Give It A Test Run. It’s not a failure in simply tryingout your nicheblogtopic; you’llbeable to learn heaps of information about the community and yourself during the process. If it turns out to be a success by all means continue with what you’re doing; if your niche blog topic doesn’t pan out, don’t be afraid to try something else.

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