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Thursday, 2 February 2012

How To Get A Top Rank On Google Search Engine

Today we learn about how to get a top rank on google search engine. If you know about SEO or search engine optimization, keep it up and here i will share about how to get a top rank on google search engine.

Follow the instruction below:

1) Create A Digg Account

2) Go To The Google Adwords Keyword Tool Found At The Following Link:

3) Under Enter One Keyword Phrase Per Line, enter a keyword that you would like to have trigger an article or the homepage of your website. Remember to enter the display code before clicking get keyword ideas.

4) Look for keywords that have very low advertiser competition. What you really want is to find keywords that have no green in the advertiser competition column.

5) Write down the keywords that have barely any advertiser competition if you want those keywords to trigger your article or website in the Google Search Engine

6) Open up the Google search engine( and type in one of the keywords you chose and click search.

7) Look at the results located in the upper right of the page. Next to the Results pay attention to the total number of results. If that number is close to 300,000 or less, then

choose that keyword. If not, try another keyword that you like.

8) Once you've figured out your keyword, go to and log into your account.

9) On the top of the page, click on Submit New

10) Enter the Url of the website or article that you're promoting,

11) Under Choose Media click Image

12) Click Continue

13) In the title section, type in the keyword that you chose

14) In the description section, type in a description about your website or article with your keyword included 2-3 times.

15) If there are pictures under Choose A Thumbnail, you may choose a picture.

16) Under Choose A Topic, choose your topic (contact me if you need help with this step)

17) Assure Them That You Are Human By Typing In The Display Text

18) Click Submit

19) After you hit submit, it will suspect that your story is a duplicate. When that page comes up, scroll all the way at the bottom of that page and click the "I Swear It's

Totally Original button."

20) Wait 24-48 hours and see what happens.

If you do not see your link listed top on the Google Search Engine for your chosen keyword, try using a keyword with less search results next time.

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